Island Princess guests visited Filadelfia Coffee Estate in Antigua Guatemala

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What a beautiful day full of interesting activities

The origins of Finca Filadelfia
By Roberto Dalton Matheu

My great great grandfather Manuel Matheu Sinibaldi, considered as the pioneer of coffee production in Guatemala started planting coffee in 1864 in his farm La Felicidad and in Finca Filadelfia; at the time owned by General José Martin Barrundia, but under my great grandfather´s management.  Upon the death of General Barrundia my great grandfather continued planting coffee in Finca Filadelfia as manager and legal representative of the General´s family who had moved to Mexico.  The Barrundia family sold the farm around 1905 to be later bought in 1930 by my grandfather Manuel Matheu Ariza and the farm has remained in the family ever since.  I inherited part of the farm from my mother Elisa Matheu de Dalton and in addition bought land from my cousins.  Today my share of Finca Filadelfia comprises 750 Acres from the valley at 5200 feet up to the highest mountain 8000 feet.  Of that land 250 Acres are planted with coffee and the balance is planted with forestry trees plus a natural ecological reserve at 8000 feet.  The farm processes coffee through what is known as the wet mill, dry mill and roasting and packing.  For tourists, the farm counts with a restaurant (Cafetenango), bird watching tours, mule rides, coffee tours and we are in the process of building a Canopy in the mountain.

The old plantation house was transformed and enlarged starting in the year 2004 to what it is today the hotel which opened in November 2006.  The hotel is practically completed with the exception of the tennis courts that are under construction and the fitness center which we will start building after Easter week that is temporarily housed in one of the meeting rooms.

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