Filadelfia Estate coffee tour & lunch plus Antigua

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Filadefia Estate is a must if you are thinking of visiting Antigua Guatemala

Coffee Facts

Overall, caffeine stimulates anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, inhibits DNA damage, and detoxifies / inhibits chemical carcinogens.

Coffee is the second largest commodity traded worldwide after oil. Over 2 billion cups are consumed daily all over the world. As a natural plant, it offers a number of health benefits.

Caffeine induces mild intestinal water secretion and increases colonic motility. This causes gastrointestinal relief and aids laxation. Those drinking 4+ cups a day have 25-30% lower risk of colorectal cancer.

Studies have shown caffeine to be anti-carcinogenic in animal models. Moderate coffee intake has anti-genotoxic effects in liver cell tests. Those drinking 3-4 cups a day have 80% reduction in risk for liver cirrhosis.

Habitual coffee drinkers have considerably lower chances of developing gall bladder stones than non-drinkers of coffee. Men consuming 2-3 cups a day have 40% reduction in risk of developing gallstones; similar effects in women at 4+ cups a day.

Coffee drinkers have lower probability of developing Alzheimer’s disease, because caffeine stimulates nervous system.

Intake of 3-4 cups a day reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease up to threefold. Recent large observational studies in men and women indicate that long-term consumption of 6 cups a day decreases risk of Type 2 diabetes by nearly 50% in men and about 30% in women.

Coffee has longstanding association with mental alertness, mood enhancement and mental performance. Adults drinking 2-3 cups a day have 25% less asthma.

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  1. Leonore Pierce says :

    greetings from Leonore. We had a terrific time!!! say hello to all crew & guides. We will recommend you tou all our friends

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