Antigua Canopy Tours offer three departures everyday at 9am, 11am & 2pm. The tour lasts an average of 2 hours depending on group size and needs. We also offer free round transportation from Antigua´s Capuchinas at 8:20 am, 10:20 am, & 1:20 pm and Porta Hotel Antigua at 8:30 am, 10:30 am  & 1:30 pm


Antigua Canopy Tours welcome you at our office located in the parking area of Cafetenango restaurant. Please be at the reception area at least 20 minutes before the departure time if you are paying directly or just 10 minutes early with your pre-paid voucher.

Wear comfortable clothing: short or long pants, shirt, sport shoes or sandals (not flip-flops). Heels are not allowed. In rainy weather we recommend to use rain coat. You may carry: camera case, back pack, waist bag in order to keep your hands free. We are not responsible for any loss or damage of any personal belongings’ before\while\ or after the tour.

Repellent shall be applied before your gear is on. Smoking with your gear on is forbidden. Please let us know of any illness (especially hard condition, epilepsy, or any equilibrium or asthma problems), handicap, back injuries, neck or shoulders, or pregnancy.


Our system is very trustable and fulfill the international security standards by the ACCT in this kind of activities. We have the best gear avialable in the market, Petzl and PMI.


Antigua Canopy Tour´s security is a fundamental issue to accomplish a unique and unforgettable experience. For this purpose we want to certify that:

  • The gear and equipment is Petzl & PMI, two world known brands special for high angle activities.
  • Emergency plans have been designed and we perform periodically evacuation routines.
  • All visitors and guides are always attached to a life security line to prevent falls and lesser injuries.
  • Friendly local guides have been trained to apply different techniques which includes equipment handling and use, operating the system, high angle rescue, CPR and First Aid. Most of them are bilingual Spanish and English.

Antigua Canopy Tours have been designed for all ages, from 5 year and older and does not require of a lot of physical effort. Children younger than 12 years old should be accompanied by adults.

Children under 120 centimeters (3 1/3 ft) tall shall make the tour with one of the guides. Important: being afraid of heights is normal and most of the visitors are a little excited at the beginning, but after gone through the tour they are happy to have done it. Our guides are specifically trained to help you enjoy the experience.

Minimum Requirements for Antigua Canopy Tours:

  • Ability of walking 600 feet without fatigue
  • Mobility and strength to climb a 7 feet high ladder
  • Harness and helmet must fit correctly. This depends on shape and size of the body. It is not matter of weight. Any concern about this issue, please ask the manager or the supervisor before making your reservation
  • Ability to be standing up on a platform of approximately 6 square meters, 30 feet high without suffering hyperventilation or fainting
  • Ability to understand and follow simple instructions and security rules

Despite these measures, an activity like zip line has implicit risks. Minor injuries such as small cuts, concussions, muscle pains, light burns or mosquito bites might occur. Although the risk of serious injuries is very low, all the participants of Antigua Canopy Tours must sign a waiver before doing the tour so it is clear that they have accepted these important rules. We have contracted different insurance policies for any unexpected situation.

If you need more information please contact the manager’s office.

Do not have alcoholic drinks or any illegal drugs before enjoying the tour for your own sake. Drunken behavior will not be accepted for security reasons. We reserve the right to admit any participant.