Antigua Canopy Tours es el lugar ideal para que los grupos disfruten de la seguridad y emoción de sus circuitos de canopy y cuerdas bajas. Pregunta por los paquetes especiales de canopy y alimentación para disfrutar de un día inolvidable.

The GOD’S CHILD Community, are benefactors, friends, volunteers, and children joined together to assist God’s poorest children in their educational, social, physical, and spiritual growth. We view education as a practical way to help poor children escape from an otherwise painful life.

Our work in Guatemala is focused on supporting the Children’s Malnutrition Center in San Juan. The Malnutrition Center has been in operation for many years, first as a tuberculosis hospital, and then in the mid 1970?s it was changed to meet the needs of children suffering from malnutrition.

Queen Victoria, also known as QV, is a true Cunarder — with all the regal, breathtaking splendour you would imagine from a luxury Cunard ocean liner, combined with an airy, contemporary ambience. As you embark, you’ll encounter the dramatic three-tier Grand Lobby, whose magnificent staircase and eye-catching artwork offers an exceptional taste of life aboard this

Una de las herramientas más exitosas para desarrollar el trabajo en equipo es utilizar el canopy como actividad motivadora. Muchas empresas visitan Antigua Canopy Tours en Filadelfia Coffee Resort & Tours para disfrutar de la seguridad y emoción en un ambiente ecológico a sólo 10 minutos de La Antigua Guatemala Brenntag Guatemala, S.A., establecida en

Tanya Hughes writes about Filadelfia Coffee Resort & Tours and Antigua Canopy Tours, a must destination if you are planning to visit Antigua.

Farewell, ¡Hasta pronto!

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El último crucero de la temporada 2010 – 2011, el majestuoso ZUYDERDAM de la prestigiosa naviera HOLLAND AMERICA nos dijo “hasta pronto”. Los esperamos en la próxima temporada: Have  a safe journey!

Lots of fun. What a experience!. Friends from Norwegian Star spent a great day in Guatemala. Some enjoyed the cultural coffee tour in this 1870 Coffee Estate in the highlands of Guatemala. Some others flew from platform to platform at 7.000 feet altitude in Antigua Canopy Tours cloudforest overlooking the volcanoes. All had the best