Romance sonámbulo de Federico García Lorca Verde que te quiero verde. Verde viento. Verdes ramas. El barco sobre la mar y el caballo en la montaña. Con la sombra en la cintura ella sueña en su baranda, verde carne, pelo verde, con ojos de fría plata. Verde que te quiero verde. Bajo la luna gitana,

Our work in Guatemala is focused on supporting the Children’s Malnutrition Center in San Juan. The Malnutrition Center has been in operation for many years, first as a tuberculosis hospital, and then in the mid 1970?s it was changed to meet the needs of children suffering from malnutrition.

Was a sunny day  Not a cloud was in the sky  Not a negative word was heard  From the people passing by  ‘twas a sunny day  All the birdies in the trees  And the radio’s singing song  All the favorite melodies MUSIC & WORDS by Paul Simon

Una de las herramientas más exitosas para desarrollar el trabajo en equipo es utilizar el canopy como actividad motivadora. Muchas empresas visitan Antigua Canopy Tours en Filadelfia Coffee Resort & Tours para disfrutar de la seguridad y emoción en un ambiente ecológico a sólo 10 minutos de La Antigua Guatemala Brenntag Guatemala, S.A., establecida en

Florida Baptist Children´s Homes

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Friends from Florida Baptist Children´s Homes enjoy a safe and unique experience together at Antigua Canopy Tours. They flew across 1600 feet zip lines over Canyon Express. Thanks guys, we´ll see you next year

One of the most experienced and talented Shore Excursions Managers, Nyron Peters visited Filadelfia Coffee Estate to check Antigua Culture and Canopy Adventure, one of the shore excursions offered by Statendam. He personally asked some guests about their experience and enjoyed the 5 star service. Hey Nyron, welcome back!!!

Zuiderdam enjoyed Antigua Canopy Tours

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Pretty sunny day!. Guests from Holland America`s Zuiderdam visited Filadelfia Coffee Estate and enjoyed the experience of flying among the forest. Tourists liked  this unique blend of adventure and culture. Later on, we visited the beautiful colonial city of Antigua, surrounded by majestic 3 volcanoes. A day to remember.

September 30th was the date Majestic Norwegian Pearl touched Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala. Almost 200 people had decided to visit historic Filadelfia Coffee Estate in la Antigua Guatemala. Some enjoyed the zip line tours at Antigua Canopy Tours while others learnt about coffee culture and its process, from plantation to the cup. All had a