Pick your poison

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Just how daring are you? There are two zipline circuits offered by Antigua Canopy Tours. The first is Forest Express: six distinct zipline “flights” that send you plunging from platforms into tunnels of canopy foliage in spurts that last anywhere from 50 up to 220 meters in length. Each track is positioned at varying heights,

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Constructing a Canopy Course

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“We could see the topography was just perfect,” Victor Gallo confidently asserted. Victor Gallo is the expert Antigua Canopy Tours hired to construct its professional and secure canopy zipline course. Gallo says the terrain is ripe with dense oak trees, which is crucial. Hardwood trees are an absolute necessity when constructing a canopy tour because

El Santuario

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Platform One is where the “flying” begins. After a thorough explanation and demonstration of the special techniques required to properly enjoy the Antigua Canopy Tour, visitors launch into their first “flight” from what has been fondly referred to as “El Sanctuario.” Antigua Canopy Tours Manager Pascu Robredo explains that the nickname refers to the quick