Was a sunny day  Not a cloud was in the sky  Not a negative word was heard  From the people passing by  ‘twas a sunny day  All the birdies in the trees  And the radio’s singing song  All the favorite melodies MUSIC & WORDS by Paul Simon

Farewell, ¡Hasta pronto!

viernes, 06 mayo 2011 by

El último crucero de la temporada 2010 – 2011, el majestuoso ZUYDERDAM de la prestigiosa naviera HOLLAND AMERICA nos dijo “hasta pronto”. Los esperamos en la próxima temporada: Have  a safe journey!

Chris Rugby, Rotterdam Shore Excursions Assistant Manager, checked personally the services offered to guests at Filadelfia Coffee Estate, where Antigua Canopy Tours is located

One of the most experienced and talented Shore Excursions Managers, Nyron Peters visited Filadelfia Coffee Estate to check Antigua Culture and Canopy Adventure, one of the shore excursions offered by Statendam. He personally asked some guests about their experience and enjoyed the 5 star service. Hey Nyron, welcome back!!!

listos para Ryndam con mucha lluvia

viernes, 01 octubre 2010 by

All ready for the first Cruise of this 2010 – 2011 season. Weather was uncertain, it finally rained during the entire day. Ryndam guests enjoyed the experience that included zip lines, pic nic and a cultural visit to the beautiful city of Antigua

Statendam May 5th Puerto Quetzal

jueves, 06 mayo 2010 by

We received the last ship of this season, The Statendam of Holland America. Guests had a great time. See you soon!!!

Filadefia Estate is a must if you are thinking of visiting Antigua Guatemala Coffee Facts Overall, caffeine stimulates anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, inhibits DNA damage, and detoxifies / inhibits chemical carcinogens. Coffee is the second largest commodity traded worldwide after oil. Over 2 billion cups are consumed daily all over the world. As a natural plant,