Lots of fun. What a experience!. Friends from Norwegian Star spent a great day in Guatemala. Some enjoyed the cultural coffee tour in this 1870 Coffee Estate in the highlands of Guatemala. Some others flew from platform to platform at 7.000 feet altitude in Antigua Canopy Tours cloudforest overlooking the volcanoes. All had the best

Zuiderdam enjoyed Antigua Canopy Tours

jueves, 07 octubre 2010 by

Pretty sunny day!. Guests from Holland America`s Zuiderdam visited Filadelfia Coffee Estate and enjoyed the experience of flying among the forest. Tourists liked  this unique blend of adventure and culture. Later on, we visited the beautiful colonial city of Antigua, surrounded by majestic 3 volcanoes. A day to remember.

Antigua Canopy Tours is a highlight destination for nature lovers. Safe and well built platforms and zip lines, stunning views of the 3 volcanoes nearby and sturdy Unimog Mercedes Trucks will make this experience unforgettable